Why Choose FAIRWIND Beach Chair


Beach chairs, as one of the essential equipment for beach vacations and outdoor activities, are highly favored due to the comfort and convenience. For camping business traders, expanding the market for beach chairs is extremely important. Choosing a reliable beach chair manufacturer is what the traders need to carefully consider. With a professional group and advanced technology, FAIRWIND is a manufacturer dedicated to beach chairs that you can trust and cooperate with. This article will lead you into our beach chairs.

 Beach Chair Manufacturer

Fairwind beach chairs focus on user experience with advanced materials, providing excellent comfort for both the seat and backrest that enables customers to better enjoy outdoor activities. Even after prolonged use, it can maintain its shape without deformation.

Secondly, our beach chairs have passed strict quality testing with advanced instruments and can withstand various outdoor environment. Whether sunlight, rain, sand or salt, none of them can cause damage to our beach chairs. Therefore, customers can use it on beach, by swimming pool or in outdoor activities without any concerns.

Thirdly, our beach chairs are designed to be lightweight and compact when folded, making them easy to carry. In the meantime, it always come with a portable bag. Whether it's for beach vacations or outdoor activities, it can be easily carried.

Fourthly, our beach chairs are designed simple and elegant, with fashionable color. They not only meet the needs of customers, but can also can be customized, satisfying them and standing out among the crowd.

Finally, although Fairwind beach chairs are of excellent quality and design, it’s still very affordable. We always insist on providing high-quality products to more customers in a cost-effective price.


The above are the reasons why FAIRWIND is a trustworthy and cooperative beach chair manufacturer for you. Now, let’s give you an in-depth introduction to our various beach chairs.

1. Folding Beach Chair: Folding beach chairs are the most common type, they are lightweight and easy to carry, making them very suitable for customers to use on beach, in parks or other outdoor places. Also, folding beach chairs are usually equipped with straps that you can carry it on your back.

Folding Beach Chair

2. Backpack Beach Chair: The backpack beach chair has a backpack with the chair, which can be used to place cold drink and personal items. The chair is usually made of lightweight materials, with comfortable cushions and backrests. The backpack is usually made of waterproof material, which can effectively protect items inside from getting wet and also prevent sand from entering into the backpack.

Adjustable Position Beach Chair

3. Adjustable Position Beach Chair: The adjustable position beach chair has the function of adjusting the backrest angle in different positions according to personal needs and comfort, for a better relax of body and mind. And this beach chair is more ergonomically designed, which can better adapt to the body curves and personal needs of different customers.

Beach Chair Manufacturer

4. Sunroof Beach Chair: Sunroof beach chairs are usually equipped with umbrellas, which can effectively block sunlight and provide a cooler environment. This type of beach chair is very suitable for places with strong sunlight like beaches or swimming pools.

 Folding Beach Chair

The above are the main beach chairs of FAIRWIND. If you are interested in our beach chairs or want to have your own customized beach chairs, please feel free to inquire at any time!

If you want to know more about our products, prices and cooperation details, please contact us with more informations, we will respond as soon as possible(within 12 hours).

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