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Professional and reliable tools are essential during outdoor adventures. At Fairwind, we not only provide first-class outdoor camping tools and supplies, but also provide professional ODM (original design manufacturing) services for your unique needs. We are committed to tailoring to meet your unique requirements and innovative desires, and help you to defeat your competitors in the fierce market competition. Work with Fairwind to create wonders, and keep it all to yourself with IP protection.

Our Talented Design and Development Team

Fairwind is proud of our excellent design and R&D team. Our designers and engineers come from the outdoor field and have extensive experience and deep understanding, including outdoor adventurers, materials scientists, engineers and designers. No matter what your needs are, our team can provide you with the best solutions with innovative thinking and professional technology. We pay attention to detail, ensuring every product is thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested. Currently we have more than 20 professional designers, and can flexibly respond to various customer's design needs and challenges.

You Got the Ideas, We Got the Tools

Fairwind is not only a outdoor camping tool manufacturer, but also your ODM partner. We offer custom molding of your camping gears and operate a private production line solely for you. We could help you to obtain legal ownership by applying Chinese IP protections.


Exclusive Production Line

Your products will be custom-made with tooling and molds. The making of the product and the resources are private that will not be shared with a third party. An exclusive production line for such products will be operated under your control.


Intellectual Property Protection

We help you register official Chinese patent protections for the products. We will cover the tedious paperwork and maintain your legal rights to your intellectual property.


Material Personalization

We offer a wide range of options for camping gear materials. Different materials and combinations have infinite possibilities, different fabric with PU/PVC coating as main fabric, steel or aluminum tubes for structure, other materials can be flexibly customized as well.


Product Design Tweaks and Adjustments

Modify the size dimension of camping products, change the pattern design, printing or accessories as you wish. We are a patient, flexible team that welcomes all ideas.

Customized Design Process

We provide a customized design process for each project. From initial concept to final product delivery, we maintain close communication with you to ensure every design decision meets your expectations. A transparent design process keeps you informed of the progress of your project, allowing you to better participate in and influence the design direction

Highly Confidential Cooperation

We understand that your product design is critical to your business. Therefore, we adopt strict confidentiality measures during the entire design and manufacturing process to ensure that your design privacy is protected to the greatest extent. We sign confidentiality agreements with our clients to build a foundation of mutual trust.

Quick Response

Time is of the essence for innovation. We are based on efficient workflows and flexible project management to ensure we can respond to your needs in a timely manner. Whether it's an urgent design adjustment or a quick production cycle, we are customer satisfaction oriented and strive to exceed expectations.

F.A.Q You May Want to Know

Why should I have the product exclusively made and patent protected?

The proprietary right lets you make profits off something you created and no one else is paramount. It protects your business from piracy and reinforces your brand’s credibility.

Why should I file lP protections in China?

The patent law differs from country to country. In an international case of infringement, a patent registered in China will take precedence against the IP ownership of your home country. To protect your intellectual property, it’s highly suggested to apply IP protections in China.

How do you charge for private camping tool customization?

Every client has their own ideas and blueprints. That results in different materials and techniques used in production. For that reason, our pricing is highly personalized, please contact us anytime and we will get back with a free quote.

Will Fairwind use my personal designs to proft without my permission?

No. We will never use our client’s patent designs to profit by any means. That includes: 

  • We will never falsely claim the ownership of your design 

  • We will never produce your products without your permission

  • We will not sell your products privately or under your name

  • We will not share the exclusive tools, molds and the making of your products with others.

How do I start with the ODM service?

Since it’s a rather complicated and time-consuming service, we provide it as a perk to only the selected partners. Please contact us to get more information on how you should get on board as part of our ODM clients.

If you want to know more about our products, prices and cooperation details, please contact us with more informations, we will respond as soon as possible(within 12 hours).

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